Episode 2 – Will They or Won’t They?

Fem Rom Will They or Wont They

This week on the podcast, my brother Vince joined me to talk about the “Will They or Won’t They” romance trope seen most often in television. We also went on several tangents about diversity, representation, and more.

Thanks for your patience as I replaced my hard drive and was finally able to work on the podcast. I didn’t do as much cleaning up of the sound quality and our pauses and stumbles as I might otherwise have done because I wanted to get this out today, so forgive those, too.

In two weeks I’ll be back with a “crossover” episode with my Outlander blog, Outlander Spoilers. I’ll be talking about how the difference between romance on the page and on the screen, and a little bit about adaptation, and my opinion on whether or not the TV show Outlander gets it right.

See you next time!

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